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Start your Sarah Ann collection with beautiful canvases, handmade gifts for loved ones and digital art pieces.

Each piece is carefully checked over and hand wrapped with care before being posted to you, the new owners of the latest in the Flotter series or of the newest unique resin piece.

Resin Crafts
Glacier Keychain
Floating Yellow Petal Keychain
Purple Floating Petals Keychain
Square Acrylic Pour Keychain
Rectangle Acrylic Pour Keychain
White Moon Crescent Necklace
Open Ocean Oval Necklace
Floating Flower Crescent Necklace
Flower Circle Necklace
Purple Rain Cloud Necklace
Crashing Waves Necklace
Ocean Ring Necklace
Transparent Clouds Ring Necklace
Sparkly Tear Drop Necklace
Puzzling Purple Necklace
Lilac Cloud Necklace
Oval Cloud Necklace
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